Saturday, 9 February 2013

The Stranger (Just One Night, Part 1)

The Stranger (Just One Night, Part 1)The Stranger by Kyra Davis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"His eyes don't just move over me, they consume me."

Hot hot hot! The chemistry between them was amazing! Straight off the bat i knew i was going to love them together.

"I bend my head and softly bite his shoulder; I suck on his neck, I want to devour him even as he consumes me"

The sex scenes just get better as the book goes on!

"You're a concealed weapon. A pistol hidden inside an Hermes handbag"

Kasie is such an interesting character, i loved her! You can just tell there is so much depth to her, so much more to discover.. i cannot wait to read the next book!

"What a seductive little liar you are"

I was so shocked by the ending, i was left desperate for more!
I cannot wait to read the next book.. to find out what happens..
Amazing. Loved it!

I would recommend & plan on reading more by this author.

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  1. The Goodreads reviews on this one are a mixed bag, but your 5 star rating gives me hope. :-)