Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Binding by L. Filloon

The BindingThe Binding by L. Filloon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4+ book for sure!
I was so surprised by how great this book is. It is so hit or miss with an amazon freebie as i am sure you are aware! I went on to goodreads & read the authors page only to discover that it was only a freebie for a few days - i feel so lucky that i managed to get it. Let me tell you i will read the next book for sure!
This YA Fantasy/Paranormal Romance has all the right ingredients to make it amazing. The story is fantastic, the editing is great & the concept is brilliant. I love elves/fairy stories, maybe it is because i wish i was a fairy :) ! Anyway, the characters are great. I found myself getting the feelings along with Lily, being mad or sad or happy when she was. That is when you know it is fantastic writing!
I classed it as YA because the protagonist Lily is 18 but i really don't it is childish at all. It is suitable for like 12+ with a only a few kisses mentioned - but don't worry that doesn't mean its short in emotion! Infact it is jam packed with feelings.
I am really looking forward to the next book & cannot wait to read it :)

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