Friday, 17 August 2012

Big Sky Country (Swoon-Worthy Cowboys #1) by Linda Lael Miller

Big Sky Country (Swoon-Worthy Cowboys #1)Big Sky Country by Linda Lael Miller
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Cover - 3.5/5
Favorite character - Joss

The book was a mindless easy afternoon read. It had a hot horseman (who was also a swoon worthy sheriff) & woman who was trying to right past wrongs as the leads. The story was not particularly interesting, it did not seem to go anywhere. Considering I just read it & it was almost 400 pages long you would think i would be able to remember something memorable from it but i cant - I don't really think anything did happen in it. It reminds me of a made for television daytime film, one that my mum would probably enjoy because it has a happy ending (she's 52). I didn't really get into the relationship so the ending seemed a bit of a joke *shrug* I know i am a cynic. It had two(i think) mild sex scenes which i didn't actually find that steamy.

I would say that if you got a chance to read this book for free (via library or kindle freebie or borrowing from a friend) & you have a few hours spare with nothing to do then i am sure you could read this & find it enjoyable. I personally wouldn't recommend spending any money on it as i think there are far better romance books out there (Kristen Ashley is an author who i would recommend).

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