Friday, 17 August 2012

Unsticky by Sarra Manning

UnstickyUnsticky by Sarra Manning
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cover & Name - 4/5
Favorite Line - “We're broken. It's like we have all these jagged edges that scare other people off, but when we're with each other, our jagged edges fit together and we're almost whole.
Favorite Character - Grace

I really did not think i would enjoy this book even half as much as i did. When i started reading i was worried that i would hate Grace, thus hating the rest of the book. Grace is NOT my type of character at all - vain & weak (at the beginning at least). Her relationship with V & maybe even her entire life is dysfunction. As the story went on I liked G & V more and more. The flaws that they each had only made me like them more. The story had depth & emotion. The storyline was pretty bizarre, I know people have linked it to 50SoG but it is not the same (IMO) at all. The ending was great, i was trying to figure out where it was going for like 6 chapters & i was surprised but happy with it. In the end I totally loved Grace as well, i guess this is because she developed so much as the book went on.

I would recommend this book & I am planning on reading more by this Author.

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