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The Theory of Attraction by Delphine Dryden, Christine d'Abo and Jodie Griffin

The Theory of Attraction: The Theory of Attraction\A Shot in the Dark\Forbidden FantasiesThe Theory of Attraction: The Theory of Attraction\A Shot in the Dark\Forbidden Fantasies by Delphine Dryden
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Since this is 3 separate stories in one book i will review it as such

The Theory of Attraction
Favorite Lines - "oh, holy fuck. In the national geographic movie of my twisted mind, the lion had just leaped on the Gazelle, pinned it to the ground and mounted it from behind."

I will let you all in on a little secret, i used to be a computer geek and because of this i have a soft spot for nerds. I think this really helped me like Ivan as he did come across pretty odd at times (as the author meant him too) apart from that i did find him adorable in a lost puppy kind of way.
The story was basically about Ivan teaching & introducing Camilla into BDSM, Ivan being the dom & Cam being the sub. The sex between them was hot & kinky, i enjoyed reading it. The story was ok, a bit artificial feeling at times but i did enjoy it & i was satisfied with the ending.
I really liked Camilla & felt surprisingly connected to her within a short time. She had some amusing thoughts/dialog which made me laugh out loud.

A Shot in the dark
I liked this story even more than the first which is always a plus!
I have read a book in this series already (which i really enjoyed). I would most certainly read more by this author. She managed to cram in a lot of emotion into this book. I liked Paige & I loved Carter. Carter was a hot firefighting dom, he has some pretty interesting ideas of what to do with peas... it seems this compilation book is going to really mess up my ideas of seemingly normal and not kinky things.. first a feather & now pea's. I was happy with the way things worked out between them, Paige seemed to deserve a happy ending.

Forbidden Fantasies
This was both a sexy & a sweet book. It was written from a dual POV Jessica & Alex's. This really upped the steam factor for me. I loved reading what they both were feeling/thinking. I loved Jessica & Alex's marriage, it seemed really realistic. They were a lovely couple & i totally connected with them. The story was really interesting & I was glad they managed to work through their sexual issues. The sex scenes were plentiful & they were HOT.

I would recommend this book as i did enjoy it.
I would give a word of warning caution this book had a lot of anal sex & anal play, every book had scenes.

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