Friday, 13 July 2012

Broken by Dean Murray

BrokenBroken by Dean Murray
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Okay it was a 3.5 but i couldn't justify rounding up this time.

I liked the cover, totally relates to the story.

I did enjoy the story BUT there were a few things that i did not like.
Adri was my main problem. I really do not like a weak main character - i am all about the kickass or at least a strong lead. I understand that some teenage age girls really dig a weak character as they identify with it (or something *shrug*). It was however not for me.
(view spoiler)[The other HUGE thing that totally pissed me off was that Adri totally flitted between Brandon & Alec. I honestly found it hard to believe anyone would be happy with a girl that one minute "loves" someone & then is apparently in love with someone else. Also i think the author made Alec out to dislike Adri too much because it took me ages to even consider them together. (hide spoiler)]

So I would say that even though i will not read anymore in this series that i would recommend it to some people. I think it totally depends on what you are into - as i mentioned she is not my type of lead.

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