Saturday, 3 November 2012

Filthy Friday!

What is filthy Friday? Filthy Friday is an event/revolution/liberation (*grin*) which happens every Friday.

What do you do on Filthy Friday? On Filthy Friday you read the most filthy/smutty/sexy/erotic/carnal book that you can find & want to read.

What else is involved? Nothing else is involved unless you want it to be! I normally post statuses & gif's(images) while i am reading my choosen book & post them on Goodreads. Some of my Goodreads friends also join in posting what they are reading & how much they are enjoying it.

What is the point of Filthy Friday? The point is to have fun! I love reading & Erotica is one of my favorite genres, i think everyone should feel free to enjoy the filth :) I want people to realize reading dirty books is normal & enjoyable. No-one should every feel embarrassed to say how they feel on Filthy Friday.

Do you do anything else on Filthy Friday? I personally also like to drink alchohol (vodka & redbull or Peach schnapps & lemonade are my usual choices) but that is because Friday is my chill out day, I do not drink the rest of the week. It is up to you what you do on Filthy Friday, as long as you enjoy yourself & your book that is all that matters!

How do i join in Filthy Friday? You download, borrow or buy a book and read it on friday. If you really want to share & be involved then please add me on Goodreads (this is a link to my profile, click it!), I love new friends and i love Filthy Friday!

If you have anymore questions please leave a comment/email/message me on goodreads... whatever :)

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