Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Golden Dynasty (Fantasyland, #2) by Kristen Ashley

The Golden Dynasty (Fantasyland, #2)The Golden Dynasty by Kristen Ashley
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I knew i shouldn't read this, as soon as i read Kristen's review i knew that i would never LOVE this book. In actual fact i was pretty sure i was going to hate it. So why did i read it? Well last night when i was drunk i decided to brave it.. i was drunk so *shrug* I have major rape issues & i almost always avoid books that contain rape scenes. The thing was i was on a total KA high after reading With Everything I Am but i just wanted, no NEEDED to read some more of her "magic" so i started this book.

Any of you that have read some of my other reviews will know i am totally obsessed with gif-reviewing... well here are my feelings about the book through gifs :)

At the beginning

My feelings for Dax at the beginning

My feelings for Circe (towards her, for her & for what happens to her)

My feelings as the book went on

then suddenly

But then cue big drama, my feelings after that

In the end even though there was a happily ever after & the couple were very much in love i just could not get over the beginning or the drama's that occurred throughout the book. This was a tough read for me & i struggled at parts. It is not the kind of story i would recommend. This book has not ruined KA for me, i still love her writing.

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