Saturday, 8 September 2012

Ain't She Sweet by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Ain't She SweetAin't She Sweet by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cover & Title - four out of five.
Favorite line - “When he overheard the boys whispering that he was a queer, he said he regarded that as a compliment since so many of the world’s great men had been homosexual. Alas, I’ve been sentenced to a life mundane heterosexuality. I can only hope that a few of you will be more fortunate.
Favorite Character - Sugar.

Now this book had cheese factor in spades but i truly loved it anyway.
My favorite things -
1. Colin's humor, he had some really awesome lines.
2. Sugar, she was so flawed & broken. I had a total girl crush on her by the end. I loved her humor too.
3. Colin's book the final one.
4. The secondary characters, i loved how much they add to the story. I loved Gigi the best.

This book is well written, it is interesting and it was a lovely story. It made me smile, laugh & it made me happy when i was reading it - what more could you look for in a romance novel?

I would recommend this book & i plan on reading every book the author writes or has written :)

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