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To Die For (Blair Mallory, #1) by Linda Howard

To Die For (Blair Mallory, #1)To Die For by Linda Howard
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cover & Title - 4/5
Favorite line - "She can't forgive him?" he asked in a strained tone. "She tried to kill him!" "Well yeah" I said. Mom said, "He redecorated her bedroom."
Favorite Character - Blair

I did enjoy this book & I did like the story. I was happy with the way everything turned out in the ending. There was enough content i enjoyed to make me rate it 4 but I did however find the book really annoying at times. I did laugh quite a few times when i was reading it & I found the relationship between Blair & her mum really sweet.

Things I did not like about the book -
1. Wyatt was really flipping annoying, he needed slapped at least a few times. I would never of ended up with him. In-fact i think i might of shot him if i was Blair.
2. They mentioned that some names rhymed but they really didn't. I even stupidly tried saying the names aloud to see if i could get them to rhyme, it did not work.
3. Blair was a push over, she needed to try hard to fight things she apparently didn't want.
4. Blair's sister making out with Blair's husband at the time but getting totally forgiven. I would of never ever spoken to my sister again.

I would recommend this book & I plan on reading the next book in the series.

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