Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Texas! Lucky by Sandra Brown

Cover & Title - 3/5
Favorite line - “If you loved people, you might hurt them, dissapoint them, anger them, but you never, ever, dishonored them.”
Favorite Character - Susan, what a mean little witch.

I purchased this book after noticing in my goodreads friends favorite pile. I have been craving a good book with a hot Texan so i figured this book would fit the bill. Lucky is certainly a hot Texan but he is also a bad, bad boy. I am normally super put off slutty men but Lucky's attitude towards Devon made me forgive his less than honorable past. Devon pissed me off a bit but overall i did like her. I enjoyed the story and found it pretty easy going up until the end which has my crying like a baby.

I have already bought the rest of the books in the trilogy so i would of read the next regardless but i am looking forward to reading Chase's story and seeing how Sandra play's it.

I would recommend this book.

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